30,000 Overstock Vuvuzelas Repurposed Into Weapons By Libyan Government

More than 30,000 overstock vuvuzelas have been sold to the Libyan government by South African companies and repurposed into weapons, several human rights groups have reported. The ... Continue Reading →

Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Metrodome Deflation

Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for Sunday's deflation of the Metrodome, which resulted in the scheduled game between the Giants and Vikings being moved to Detroit's ... Continue Reading →
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Players to Wear Pubic Hair Bracelets for Testicular Cancer Awareness

In a spirit of activism carried over from breast cancer support initiatives in weeks prior, NFL players will be sporting pubic hair wristbands this weekend for testicular cancer awareness. In ... Continue Reading →

Stephen Hawking Dies in Murderball Debut

World-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday as a result of injuries sustained Sunday during a wheelchair rugby match. The match, between Britain and Canada ... Continue Reading →

The 7 Types of Impostor Sports Fans

Videogame kids can oftentimes succeed socially with the normals, but sometimes they fail to do so because their digital realities taint their actual ones. The Gamer gleans his knowledge ... Continue Reading →

Braylon Edwards’ Apology Letter: First Draft

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Tim Tebow Buys New Swim Trunks for Locker Room Shower

In a recent trip to Kohl's with his mother, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow bought a new pair of swim trunks to wear in the locker room shower during his first NFL season. The ... Continue Reading →

6 Common Breeds of Stadium Vendors

If you're buying something at a game and are too lazy to leave your seat, chances are you'll buy it from one of these people. – – – – – #1 — ... Continue Reading →

7 Irrelevant Sports Mascots and Their Superior Alternatives

What's annoying about mascots is that they're adored for doing obnoxious things that would otherwise get an un-costumed person beat up. Their small language capacities and ... Continue Reading →