Crips Release DeSean Jackson Over Concern About His Affiliation with Washington Redskins Organization

The Crips street gang announced today they will be releasing DeSean Jackson, amidst rumors of possible ties with one of the most troubled and controversial franchises in the NFL, the ... Continue Reading →

Cocky March Madness Fan Really Regretting Tattoo Of His Perfect Bracket

Die-hard March Madness fan, Wayne Billings of Tampa Bay, FL, has been full of regret recently, after picks he made in the men’s NCAA Tournament proved incorrect, ruining the tattoo ... Continue Reading →

Dodgers Entire 2014 Season Already Completed in Australia

Due to questionable scheduling, the Los Angeles Dodgers played the final game of their 2014 regular season in Sydney, Australia last night, bringing their season record to an impressive ... Continue Reading →
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MLB Mandates 15th Century Battle Armor for Pitcher Safety

Following Aroldis Chapman’s horrific line drive to the face and another incident with pitcher Matt Moore, Major League Baseball has taken steps to improve pitcher’s safety ... Continue Reading →

MLB Approves Limiting Home Plate Collisions: “Unless they involve that a**hole Pierzynski”

Major League Baseball took a big step in approving player safety this week, imposing rules that would effectively limit the amount of collisions between base runners and catchers, ... Continue Reading →

90,000 Olympic Village Condoms Go Unused: “Athletes just uglier this year”

As the 2014 Winter Olympic games concluded Sunday night, an unprecedented 90,000 condoms still remained unused in the Olympic Village, a fact expert are contributing to the appearance ... Continue Reading →
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Ryan Lochte Tweets Pictures of the Terrible Conditions of the Motel 6 He’s Living In

Inspired by the recent outpouring of tweets demonstrating the subpar living conditions in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, a forgotten star of the 2012 Summer Olympics ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Throws Tirade as Background Fireplace Still Not to His Liking

“More homey, goddammit!” Bob Costas yelled last night after yet another failed attempt to appease the well-known NBC host with a fireplace to his liking in the background ... Continue Reading →

Bob Costas Lost at Customs

Long-time NBC Sports journalist Bob Costas was misplaced sometime this morning at the Sochi International Airport during a mishap members of his crew are blaming on the customs department. “I ... Continue Reading →

Marshawn Lynch a Late Scratch with Diabetes

The Seattle Seahawks have announced that star running back and four-time Pro Bowler Marshawn Lynch will miss Super Bowl XLVIII after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. “I’m ... Continue Reading →
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Peyton Manning Suggests Introducing Game Film Into Bedroom To Spice Things Up

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shared a rare candid moment at a Super Bowl XLVIII media event yesterday when he was asked how he has kept his 12-year marriage fresh with ... Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Vows to Watch Super Bowl: “But strictly for the ‘Omaha’ Drinking Game”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attracted media attention this week after saying he has no intention to watch the Super Bowl following his team’s loss to the Broncos ... Continue Reading →

Richard Sherman Berates Newspaper Displaying Vegas Odds

Outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had to be restrained Monday afternoon, following a verbal assault on a local newspaper displaying early Vegas odds showing the ... Continue Reading →