Honest NFL Headlines: Week 17

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SP/FanDuel “Suckiest Fantasy Team Challenge: Week 17″ … NEW RULES! (and win $20)

NEW RULES still in effect for the Week 17 SP/FanDuel Suckiest Fantasy Team Challenge! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: 2014 Sports Year Highlighted by Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, things went downhill after all the great domestic violence. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: SEC Network Airs Christmas Yule Log with Fight Songs

Keep the SEC in Christmas.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: UFC Produces Ronda Rousey “In Her Ass” Card

Ronda Rousey’s ass can get a new generation interested in card collecting. Continue Reading →

Get Your “Fight Mumps” Hockey T-Shirt!

Mumps are the most terrifying hockey disease of our times! By purchasing this “Fight Pumps” t-shirt, you can show that you are prepared to knock mumps out of the sport of ... Continue Reading →
New Orleans Saints  vs  Dallas Cowboys

Week 16 NFL Hangover: 5 Reasons Cowboys Haters Can Celebrate Cowboy Success

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Honest NFL Headlines: Week 16

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PICTURE: Philip Rivers Has Bulging Dick in His Back

And people said the NFL wasn’t ready for a player with a bulging dick in his back. Continue Reading →

The 5 Worst Preseason NFL Predictions

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PICTURE: BUTT = Bama’s Ultimate Tailgating Team

  Don’t be surprised if the State of Alabama changes its name to BUTT. Continue Reading →

The Funniest Sports Media Moments and Failures of 2014

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VIDEO: Brandon Jennings Bypasses Wide Open Lay-Up Because …

It’s the holiday season. You don’t take wide open lay-ups from people. You give back with missed, fall-away jumpers. Continue Reading →

The Funniest Sports Faces of 2014

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The Crappiest Fantasy (Playoff) Team in America: Semi-Finals

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PICTURE: Chicago’s ABC 7 Goes with Cutler/Suicide Zinger

I guess they couldn’t come up with a good diabetes zinger. (photo via @m_davis41) Continue Reading →

The SportsPickle Interview: Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd is the Political Director for NBC News. He has also been the moderator for “Meet the Press” since September 2014. He recently published the book, “The ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Bench-Warmer HS WR Makes Recruiting Video for Division I Programs

He should definitely be recruited by all the top video production programs. Continue Reading →