Chip Kelly’s Voicemails Hacked (Again!)

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The Free Agency Approaches of 10 NFL Teams

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Report: Football Player Who Wasn’t Wanted by His Previous Team Will Totally Make Your Team Great

NFL free agency season is upon us and according to various reports, players who were no longer wanted on their previous team will totally make their new teams unstoppable. Continue Reading →

Hilarious Knicks Postgame Quotes from After Every Loss in Their 2014-2015 Season

Loss 1, Game 1 October 29, 2014 – 104-80 vs. Bulls “Embarrassed? No, I am not embarrassed. We will get better. I believe that. I know that.” – Carmelo Anthony Continue Reading →

The NFL’s 10 Most RACIST Head Coaches

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VIDEO: Andy Murray Reveals Teammate Has Side Girlfriend on Live TV

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Desperate Eagles Sign 69 Year-Old Vince Papale to be Starting WR

The Philadelphia Eagles have shed Pro Bowl wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin in back-to-back offseasons, leaving the team woefully thin at the position in Chip Kelly’s ... Continue Reading →

2015 Minnesota High School Hockey All-Hair Team

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Robot Sportswriters are Here … and Their Laser-Hot Takes May Destroy Us All

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VIDEO: Blindfold Dunk Contest Attempt is Wildly Unsuccessful

If he had known where the basket was, he only would have been 3-feet short of slamming that home. SO CLOSE! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Isiah Thomas in a Clear Mask is Terrifying

Not as terrifying as Isiah Thomas running a basketball team. But close. Continue Reading →

Best Part of Russell Westbrook’s Game is That He Can Hit His Free Throws, Says Your Dad

Russell Westbrook continued his historic run of amazing play Wednesday night, posting his fourth consecutive triple-double in a win over the Sixers, but it’s a stat that doesn’t ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Bill Walton: “I have milked a cow before, and I have been milked”

That’s not milk, Bill. Continue Reading →

Here’s Every Voicemail Chip Kelly Got After Trading LeSean McCoy

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Report: Other NFL Teams Completely Unaware They’re Just Pawns in Chip Kelly’s Grand Scheme

According to sources in NFL front offices throughout the league, all the NFL teams who don’t employ Chip Kelly are completely unaware that they’re merely puppets that the ... Continue Reading →

Toronto Maple Leaf Daughters’ Letter Asking for Their Dads to Get Traded

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VIDEO: Watch Otto Porter Play Horrific/No Defense on Tony Snell

To follow his man on defense, they may need to get him a tele … PORTER. [coughs] Continue Reading →

Didi Gregorius Disrespectfully Displaying Great Range at Yankees Camp

New Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius has been displaying impressive range in the early days of spring training, moving fluidly in his position and showing he will be an asset to his ... Continue Reading →