Guy in Charge of Mowing Patterns into Petco Outfield Getting a Bit Avant Garde

Across baseball, groundskeepers mow patterns into the outfield grass. Most are in the shapes team logos, stars or a local landmark. But what started as a game of one-upsmanship among ... Continue Reading →

Minority Owner of NBA Team Actually a Fabulously Wealthy White Guy

Rags to riches stories built the United States. But none are quite like James Stevens. One of the minority owners of the Portland Trailblazers, Stevens grew up on the streets of Lake ... Continue Reading →

Harbaugh Applauds 49ers’ Renewed Commitment to Off-Season “Not Getting Arrested” Program

Before the off-season, most NFL teams meet individually with players to outline customized workout and diet programs. This year, the San Francisco 49ers had an added component. Continue Reading →

Detroit Lions Draft Crying Man on Telephone

With the tenth pick in the 2014 NFL draft, The Detroit Lions chose a crying man who was talking on the telephone. It is not known what the man was crying about or why the Lions would ... Continue Reading →

Team USA Bobsled Brakeman Checks Again for Bobsled Brakeman Openings

Steve Masterson, bobsled brakeman for USA 2 at the Sochi Olympics, returned to his computer again this morning to conduct a job search on for “bobsled brakeman” openings. ... Continue Reading →