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Derek Jeter’s 12 Most Disgusting Girlfriends

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14 Inductees Into the Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame

BIO: A star in wrestling, basketball, football, swimming and track, Slater persevered in the face of simple mathematics by playing five sports in three seasons. He also beat  simple ... Continue Reading →

If the Christmas Story Was About a Highly-Touted Recruit

Luke 2: 1-18 1 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Is Your Favorite College Football Program Dirty?

- – – – – Also see … NCAA: “Yeah, so everyone is doing strippers and blow” Continue Reading →

5 Fun Facts About 5 Classic Sports Posters

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The Funniest Athlete Names in Sports History

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The 10 People On Your Company Softball Team

#1 – The Official Equipment Guy You don’t know exactly what his salary is, but it’s apparently more than yours. Or, if he does make what you make, he is spending 90-percent ... Continue Reading →

Sports Reporter Almost Run Over During Live Broadcast

He almost also reported from the scene of a hit-and-run. Continue Reading →

The 10 Worst Sports Movies of All-Time

#10 — “Little Big League” (1994) Sure, skimpy payrolls and watching David Ortiz’s career have been hard on Minnesota Twins fans, but this stinker came up with an ... Continue Reading →

Joe Theismann Loves Woodcock

That was funny. Okay, it wasn’t that funny. Jeez. CALM DOWN! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Steven Stamkos Shootout Fail

I could do that. And I can barely skate. Continue Reading →

Hawaii Marching Band Does Cool, Un-Marching-Band-Like Thing

That football player is a bit skinny, though. They should give it steroids next time. Continue Reading →

The Internal Monologue of an Unprepared Marathon Runner

Starting Line: This shouldn’t be so hard, right? Look at the other people running this: there are a lot of old folks and chubbsy ubbsies. No problem. Continue Reading →

Andy Reid as a 13 Year-Old Punt, Pass & Kick Contestant

Reid burned all of his timeouts in the competition. Continue Reading →

The 13 Fans At Every College Football Game

Every college has it’s own unique football gameday traditions. Yet these 13 people show up at every game at every school in the country. #1 — The Visiting Parents They drove ... Continue Reading →

Giants Doctors Unsure if Eli Manning Is Concussed Or Just Really Stupid

The New York Giants medical staff came back from another round of tests on quarterback Eli Manning this morning unsure if the signal caller is experiencing symptoms of a concussion ... Continue Reading →