NBA Finally Agrees to Turn Off Injuries on 2013-2014 Season

Days after Russell Westbrook underwent knee surgery and it was announced Al Horford would be out indefinitely due to a torn pectoral muscle, NBA commissioner David Stern said the league ... Continue Reading →

Phil Jackson: A Career Retrospective in Pictures

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Water Polo Team Is Very, Very Close

She DOES have an amazing, concave ass. Continue Reading →

The 10 Kids On Your Youth Basketball Team

The Rich Kid had gear that everyone envied. His sneakers cost $150. He wore authentic NBA and NCAA shorts to practice. His gym bag was bigger and more luxurious than your bedroom. ... Continue Reading →

Our 7 Greatest President Athletes

Gerald Ford Gerald Ford was a star football player at Michigan. Mercifully, he died in 2006 — a full season before Rich Rodriguez took over the Wolverines. Continue Reading →

Now Watson the IBM "Jeopardy!" Computer is Talking Trash

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Globetrotters To Replace Washington Generals With Cleveland Cavaliers

After some recent close calls, the Harlem Globetrotters have decided to replace their standard opponent, the Washington Generals, with a more-easily defeated team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. ... Continue Reading →

Rashard Mendenhall Humps Ben Roethlisberger

Whoa. Go get a bar bathroom, guys. Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez Wipes Snot On Mark Brunell

It's really all Mark Brunell is good for. Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Police Stumble Across 173 Outstanding Arrest Warrants for Santonio Holmes

Pittsburgh police issued an arrest warrant today for Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who allegedly racked up nearly 200 felony charges that were accidentally misfiled during his ... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Skiing Success!

Make sure that you’re properly attired to stay warm and dry by picking up a pair of bibs. Remember, although you may be an adult, wearing bibs is still considered cool during ... Continue Reading →

The 15 Greatest Gym Class Activities

#1 – Crab Soccer Anyone who’s ever participated in or watched a children’s soccer game knows that they’re absolute debacles. Weak passing. Disinterested goalkeeping. ... Continue Reading →

If NBA Players Used Foursquare

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The Tiger Woods “Cigar Man” Meme Goes Historic

This Ryder Cup photo … … became this: And now this: Continue Reading →

10 High Schools With Better Team Names Than Your High School’s

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If NFL Players Did Foursquare

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Things overheard at your fantasy draft … translated

Fantasy football has its own buzzwords and cliches. Here is what you'll hear at your fantasy draft — and what it really means. Continue Reading →

Lebron James Signs 2-Year Contract With Verizon Wireless

The deal is done. After careful thought and consideration, Lebron James has announced he is signing a 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless as his cell phone carrier. "When it ... Continue Reading →