*** World-Famous Website SportsPickle Offers Readers a 100% Bonus on First Deposit with FanDuel ***

unnamed (9)Wildly popular website SportsPickle.com, which lots of famous and cool people probably call “the greatest thing ever,” has partnered with FanDuel during the fantasy football season to offer readers a 100% BONUS on their first deposit up to $200.

“Wow! SportsPickle is more amazing than I ever could have imagined,” said everyone upon hearing this news.

By entering the code PICKLE when signing up here, the site’s beautiful, talented, clever and beloved readers receive a 100% BONUS on entry fees from $1 to $200 on FanDuel’s weekly fantasy leagues, which feature immediate payouts (of real money, yes) for all winners!

“Holy crap! I’m going to use the code PICKLE right away to open up and account and make a deposit out of extreme gratitude for SportsPickle and FanDuel providing me with this opportunity,” you thought just now, while clicking on that link above to enter the code PICKLE and begin.

Here’s the link again, friend!

According to sources, SportsPickle will continue being awesome and providing super-outstanding opportunities to its readers for decades into the future.

“But you should still probably do the FanDuel thing now and not wait,” said the handsome guy who runs SportsPickle.

He is both handsome and right.