Today’s Reader Hot Takes


On the start of college football season …


“I have no interest in college football anymore now that I know all the players are being fed well.” — Hazel M.

“It doesn’t feel right not having the BCS to complain about.” — Florence F.

“I was just about to start achieving things and being productive with my life. Oh, well. All that can wait until spring.” — Sylvester H.

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On USC safety Josh Shaw lying about rescuing

his 7-year-old nephew from drowning …


“He’s a senior, so I’d like to think he learned to be a liar from Lane Kiffin.” — Stephen B.

“So his nephew drowned then?” — Ricky M.

“Still not as big as the lie about USC producing good quarterbacks.” — Charlotte A.

– – – – –

On 15 year-old CiCi Bellis winning a 1st Round match at the US Open …


“I’m sick of kids today with their sexting and their twerking and their promising tennis careers.” — Philip Q.

“On a school night? Good thing she doesn’t play basketball or football or we’d have to wring our hands about her putting her athletic career above academics.” — Regan F.

“That’ll teach other countries who think they can come to our tournament and knock all of our players out in the 1st Round.” — Amia P.

– – – – –

On Richie Incognito being cleared to play in the NFL this season …


“I can’t imagine the wedgie Roger Goodell was given until he agreed to this.” — Tim W.

“He’s not suspended, but they could still punish him by making him play for the Miami Dolphins.” — Andrea T.

“As long as he torments his teammates and doesn’t kiss them, I’m fine with it.”  — Sal F.

– – – – –

On South Korea beating Illinois to win the LLWS …


“If those Chicago kids keep improving, they could factor into the Cubs’ plans to be good in 10 years.” — Aubrey F.

“Obama couldn’t even get his home state to win an international baseball tournament. Failed president.” — Steven T.

“North Korea state media will still report that North Korea won.” — Damien L.

– – – – –

On the Angels losing pitcher Garrett

Richards for 6-9 months to injury …


“That’s not too bad. Six to nine months is only the length of about two baseball games.” — Grady J.

“The Angels could really use some good news after this. Maybe Josh Hamilton will get hurt.” — Mike K.

“Pretty thoughtless of him to tear his knee up after the trade deadline.” — Sheila T.

– – – – –

On Steelers RBs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount

getting arrested for marijuana possession …


“This is going to result in a long suspension for the Pittsburgh police officer who arrested two Steelers players.” — Denise B.

“I still say Steelers defensive back William Gay is a bigger distraction to the team.” — Randall F.

“Sometimes getting really high is the only way Todd Haley’s offense makes any sense.” — Omar A.

– – – – –

On the Browns naming Brian Hoyer their starting quarterback …


“It’s the best decision. Now Johnny Manziel can go out drinking the night before their season opener without feeling guilty.” — Roland T.

“Well, that’s that. This isn’t the kind of franchise that just bounces from quarterback to quarterback.” — Kelsie F.

“Look it up. All the great QBs first failed to win starting jobs with the Cleveland Browns.” — Sal N.

– – – – –

On Ohio State losing QB Braxton Miller for the season to injury …


“Ohio State is probably going to lose a much lower-level bowl game now.” — Levi F.

“This is going to be huge for Papa John’s sales in Columbus.” — Brandi T.

“Luckily his injured shoulder won’t prevent him from continuing his studies, so it’s mostly good news here.” — Gregory M.

– – – – –

On Florida State being No. 1 in the preseason AP poll …


“That’s interesting because preseason polls are No. 1 on my list of things I don’t care about.” — Kurt L.

“Florida got No. 2 in the Also Receiving Votes section. What a rivalry.” — Marisol M.

“But the SEC got eight teams in the Top 25, my SEC fan friend immediately informed me after the poll was released.” — Freddie T.

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