Today’s Reader Hot Takes


On Rob Manfred being named the next MLB commissioner …


“He’ll probably want to work from home for a few months until they can get the Bud Selig smell out of the commissioner’s office.” — Luisa J.

“At only 55 years of age, Rob Manfred will really know how to make baseball more appealing to kids.” — Marcus T.

“I’d like this hiring much more if he had a cooler name like Kenesaw Mountain Rob Manfred.” — Seth H.

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On the release of the 2014-2015 NBA schedule …


“I have plans February 4th. I hope they know I won’t be able to watch that night.” — Lea T.

“Did they say which games Kobe and Derrick Rose will be playing this year?” — Beatrice R.

“Eighty-two games a team seems a lot when we already know which teams will be good.” — Marc O.

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On Steve Ballmer officially becoming owner of the Clippers …


“It seems good now, but wait until he says something incredibly hateful about Apple users.” — Ray G.

“Thankfully Ballmer is keeping Shelly Sterling around so the team keeps a strong link to their loathsome, racist past.” — Manny F.

“Now Donald Sterling has a reason to despise an old, rich white man, successfully hating every kind of human!” — Lisa R.

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On the Kansas City Royals moving into first in the AL Central …


“Are you sure? The Tigers have a lot of players I’ve heard of.” — Jeff L.

“You acquire Erik Kratz at the trade deadline, you win the division. This wasn’t hard to see.” — William R.

“I’m not a Royals bandwagon fan. I’ve rooted for them since Rusty Kuntz became their first base coach.” — Clarabelle T.

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On Rory McIlroy winning the PGA Championship …


“It’s probably time to start asking if he will go down as the greatest golfer of late summer 2014 of all-time.” — Clyde F.

“Pretty classless of him to give up the lead and let other players think they had a chance, only to come back late and rip it away from them.” — Von K.

“Can’t say I’m all that impressed. It’s a lot easier to win majors without the pressure of having Tiger Woods healthy and lurking in 8th place.” — Harriet T.

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On Kevin Durant on leaving the U.S. World

Cup basketball team with “fatigue” …


“He’s lucky the men and women in the military don’t quit with ‘fatigue’ when they’re fighting in World Cup wars for our freedom.” — Kelli T.

“I always get fatigued when I see my co-workers snap their legs in half, too.” — Lennie L. 

“Oh, man. I hope the United States has some other good basketball players.” — Reva K.

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On the start of the PGA Championship …


“Rory McIlroy needs to keep winning majors if he wants to catch Jack Nicklaus before his career is derailed by a sex scandal and debilitating injuries.”James C.

“I hope everyone is the gallery is given ponchos in case Tiger Woods’ back explodes during a swing and splatters them with blood and vertebrae.” – Flip L.

“Let’s get this crap over so we can focus on the chase for the FedEx Cup.”Amanda S.

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On MLB narrowing the candidates for Bud Selig’s

replacement down to three finalists …


“The first thing the new commissioner should do is ban a really racist team owner. People love that.” — Rob U.

“They’re probably the only three people they could find in the whole world who think the All-Star Game should be used to determine home field in the World Series.” — Hannah J.

“Is Pete Rose one of them? That would really help his chances of getting reinstated.” — Sojourner L.

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On Johnny Manziel practicing with Cleveland’s first team offense …


“The Browns have a first team offense now? Good for them.” — Carl F.

“If he’s good enough to beat out Brian Hoyer, the NFL has itself a new Hall of Famer.” — Stewart J.

“Rookie hazing is getting out of control.” — Lacey W.

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On the start of the NFL preseason schedule …


“I am fully prepared to overreact about my team’s performance while also saying these games are pointless.” — Oliver J.

“I’m not watching this meaningless garbage, not when my favorite baseball team is playing its 112th game of the season.” — Beatrice N.

“I can’t wait: in a few weeks, all my rowdy friends will come over for Monday night.” — Brandon T. 

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On Jon Lester and David Price being dealt at the MLB trade deadline …


“Tigers-A’s World Series. Mark it down.” — Randy F.

“David Price has never pitched in front of people before. There will be some nerves for a while.” — Bo M.

“All the other contenders that didn’t make big moves are screwed. Now they’re just stuck with the good teams they already had.” — Macey T.

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