“The Simpsons” and Their Sports Equivalents


Bart Simpson = O.J. Simpson

Both are lovable, but always up to no-good! Bart with his misbehaving at school and O.J. with his double murders and armed robberies. Bart and O.J. are also linked to memorable catchphrases: “Don’t have a cow, man!” and “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”

Homer Simpson = Jerome Simpson

These dolts just love the beer! Homer drinks all the Duff he can get, while NFL receiver Jerome Simpson is facing a suspension for DUI. When will these two ever learn?!

Grampa Simpson = Wayne Simpson

Grampa Simpson is old. Former major league pitcher Wayne Simpson is in his mid-60s. Close enough. (Wayne Simpson is black and Grampa Simpson is yellow, but the old part checks out.)

Marge Simpson = Ralph Simpson

“Don’t you mean Ralph Sampson?” you think. No! This is about Simpsons, not Sampsons. There’s zero correlation between the Simpsons and someone named Sampson. Duh!

Ralph Simpson played 10 years in the NBA and ABA from 1970 to 1980. He stood 6-foot-5 … and Marge Simpson is pretty tall with her hair up so high!

simpsonrLisa Simpson = Reid Simpson

Reid Simpson bounced around between the minor leagues and the NHL during a 25-year pro hockey career that ended in 2010. His skills were never fully appreciated at the top level, just like how Lisa is never fully appreciated by her family. Lisa also plays the saxophone, which has a reed, which is basically the same as Reid. My mind is totally blown right now.

Snowball Simpson/Santa’s Little Helper Simpson = ?

There are no comparisons between cartoon pets and real athletes named Simpson. Let’s not get stupid.

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