Paul George Trying to Ignore His Memory for a Few Days to Avoid Seeing Paul George Injury

paulgeorgeNBA star Paul George said he is doing his best to avoid using his memory for a few days in order to prevent himself from seeing the horrific Paul George injury everyone is talking about.

“I hear everyone talking about it and they say it’s even worse than you can imagine,” said George, sitting with a large cast on his right leg after breaking both his tibia and fibula in a Team USA scrimmage on Friday night. “I have no interest in seeing something like that. Yuck. No way.”

George said he is planning to stay off his hippocampus, the part of the brain that holds memories, for a few days until the image of his leg isn’t so prominently displayed.

“I get nauseous seeing stuff like that,” he said. “I have a weak stomach when it comes to graphic injuries. So no hippocampus for me. No way.”

The Pacers forward says he has seen videos of the Paul George injury on social media.

“I’m stuck here in the hospital bed, so I have nothing better to do than be on Facebook,” he said, “and people have been posting that all over the place. It looks pretty bad, but it’s nothing like the Paul George injury I saw up close … oh, god. I just remembered it. I’m going to be sick.”

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