Bon Jovi’s Letter to Buffalo Bills Fans Was Very Self-Promotional

afl_a_bonjovi2_300To Buffalo Bills Fans:

Some have said the hopes of keeping the Bills in Buffalo are “Livin’ On A Prayer.”

Some have said that moving to Toronto is best for the long-term health of the franchise. They say that those who truly love the team should let it go. To them I say: “You Give Love A Bad Name.”

“Raise Your Hands” if football is important to you. It is to me. “It’s My Life.”

I will not take this franchise and “Runaway.” The baseless accusations against me are “Bad Medicine.” Keeping the team in Buffalo will not take a “Miracle.” Why? “Because We Can.”

I fully understand that anyone who takes this team from Buffalo will be “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” and that if I did that many of you would want to “Lay Your Hands On Me.” I fully understand that the team leaving would be a “Shot Through The Heart.”

The Buffalo Bills will not go out in a “Blaze Of Glory.” They will “Never Say Goodbye.” “I’ll Be There For You.” “I’d Die For You.”

“Keep The Faith.”

“Have A Nice Day.”

Bon Jovi

– – – – –

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