The 8 Least Disgusting Sports Injuries of All-Time!

73221-3FrBuddy Bell – Cleveland Indians third baseman, 1978

The light-complected Bell spent the first day of spring training 1978 without any sunscreen on. His cheeks got burned. However, the slight burn added a nice pink glow to his face and it ended up turning into a flattering tan that lasted for more than a week. Best of all, Bell has never developed skin cancer.

James Jones – Miami Heat small forward, 2011

Mental issues are as big as physical issues and, for one reason or the other, Jones lost confidence in free throw shooting ability during the 2010-2011 NBA season. He never spoke publicly about it and he battled through the self-doubt succesfully, finishing the season with an 83.3 free throw percentage. No one even noticed he was struggling internally.

Jackie Slater — Rams offensive tackle, 1990

Slater sustained a mosquito bite during a game against the 49ers. The bite was below his neckline and was not visible to viewers. Slater didn’t even notice the bite until several hours after the game ended.

Randy Cunneyworth — Pittsburgh Penguins left wing, 1988

In a freak occurrence, a screw came lose from a beam near the Civic Arena roof and fell to the ice where Cunneyworth skated over it during a Penguins practice. The screw tripped him up and he lightly strained his hamstring steadying himself. The practice was not open to the public and Cunneyworth didn’t miss any games.

Ken Dorsey — Miami Hurricanes quarterback, 2002

Whether by prank or accident, a piece of athletic tape found its way into Dorsey’s helmet before a Thursday practice. He put the helmet on and, after practice when he took the helmet off, three pieces of hair stuck to the tape were torn from his head. He didn’t feel it happen.

Michelle Wie — LPGA golfer, 2009

After changing detergent, Wie got a small rash from the elastic band of her underwear. It was not visible to the naked eye and the rash went away after she switched back to her regular detergent.

Usain Bolt — Jamaican sprinter, 2011

Bolt turned his ankle walking down a flight of stairs at an airport in 2011. The ankle didn’t swell up and Bolt immediately jumped up and down on it to show those with him that he wasn’t injured. If anything, the “injury” was a further testament to Bolt’s remarkable body and athleticism.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s car — 2007

A part of the side panel came off after bumping up against a wall, exposing the inside of the car, but people don’t really find structural damage to cars to be disgusting, probably because cars aren’t living things.

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