10 Reasons Mo’ne Davis is Not an ELITE Little League Pitcher


Mo’ne Davis, the shutout-pitching female ace of Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons Little League team, is the talk of the Little League World Series. But is she ELITE or is she simply overrated? It’s time we stop coddling her and break it down.

1. Mo’ne Davis has never won a LLWS ring. 

At the highest level of Little League baseball, it’s all about who is left standing on the final day at Howard J. Lamade Stadium. Despite being 13 years-old and in her final days of Little League baseball, Davis simply has never won it all.

2. Mo’ne Davis is 13 years-old. 

Davis is a year or two older than much of her competition. When you’ve only been on the planet 13 years, 1 or 2 years is a lot. Think about it: she has between 8 and 18% more baseball experience than most everyone she is facing. She should be significantly better than them.

3. Girls mature faster than boys.

Not only is Mo’ne older than the boys she is playing against, she is more mature. Figuring in her age and maturity edge, she’s got a good 15 to 35% advantage over the competition physically. Someone needs to ask the question if it’s even fair for Davis to be allowed in the tournament.

4. Mo’ne Davis is active on social media. 

Mo’ne Davis has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Social media simply isn’t something a 13 year-old athlete should be mixed up in. You have to wonder if her focus is in the right place and if she’s more concerned about growing her brand than winning.

5. Mo’ne Davis is a potential locker room distraction.

For all the talk of Michael Sam being in an NFL locker room, imagine what it must be like to have a female teammate. At 11, 12 and 13, many boys are becoming “aware” of girls for the first time. It would be natural for them to try to win her attention and affection, instead of trying to win on the field.

6. Mo’ne Davis is not the first female LLWS “star.”

Davis is the sixth girl ever to get a hit in the LLWS. She also has an RBI, but that isn’t even the best ever for a girl: Katie Reyes had 3 RBI at the 2009 LLWS.

7. Mo’ne Davis herself admits she doesn’t have what it takes. 

Davis told ESPN: “I throw my curveball like Clayton Kershaw and my fastball like Mo’ne Davis.” Davis’ fastball tops out at around 71 mph. Even with a Kershaw-esque curve, her 71 mph fastball would get destroyed in the majors. That’s just a fact. (Also, a 13 year-old athlete referring to herself in the third person? Ego red flags!)

8. Basketball is Mo’ne Davis’ best sport.

She may very well be ELITE at basketball, but no one is ELITE at two sports. That’s just a natural law. You can make the case that Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were ELITE football players, but try to say they were ELITE baseball players and you’ll just embarrass yourself.

9. All the attention on Mo’ne Davis proves we have not yet achieved equality in this society.

Where’s all the attention on the boys who have pitched well in the LLWS? Do they not deserve some pub? It’s just Mo’ne Davis, Mo’ne Davis, Mo’ne Davis from the national media. I guess being an athletic boy in our modern society means you’re destined to be overlooked and forgotten, no matter what you accomplish. #smh

10. Mo’ne Davis displays remarkable poise and maturity for her age. 

Mo’ne Davis, even at age 13, handles herself better than many professional athletes. Therefore, she can easily deal with what pro athletes get in having her remarkable abilities debated and reduced in media hatchet job pieces written solely to troll for pageviews.

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