Triumphant Jurgen Klinsmann Rips Critics: “I told you idiots we weren’t good enough”

2d2816b48d1b4ea2a35596e02ea6a901-ashxU.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann took heavy criticism from the American media in the lead up to the World Cup after saying his team wasn’t good enough to win the championship. Following USA’s 2-1 loss in extra time to Belgium in the Round of 16, Klinsmann fired back at those critics.

“I told you we weren’t good enough,” he said, standing tall and triumphant in his post-match press conference. “I was right. You were wrong. Did you even watch that match? It wasn’t really that close in regulation. And this wasn’t close to the World Cup final. If it wasn’t for Tim Howard, we would have lost 5-0 in regulation. I win.”

Klinsmann then opened his press conference for questions, but demanded that all American reporters open their question by saying: “Jurgen, as someone who knows more about the sport than I ever could … .”

“I think I’ve earned at least that,” he said. “You Americans have no idea how blessed you are to have me.”

The head coach then switched to a more positive look at the future.

“Now that you know that I am in charge, realize that I’m the person who put DeAndre Yedlin and Julian Green on the team, not old-ass Landon Donovan, who you all thought was some kind of star,” he said. “And Yedlin and Green were two of our best players. They are our future. Our future is bright. With me at the helm. Me. Now, if anyone has any questions about my tactics today, just know that you are wrong and don’t ask your stupid question.”

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