The Biggest Training Camp Questions for All 32 NFL Teams



Arizona Cardinals: Why would a team with so much talent willingly play Carson Palmer at quarterback?

Atlanta Falcons: Will the Falcons be inspired to win the Super Bowl for tight end Levine Toilolo?

Carolina Panthers: Are other NFL teams jealous of Carolina’s massive stockpile of No. 3 receivers?

Chicago Bears: Are the Bears aware it’s typical to reward a quarterback with a huge contract after he accomplishes something?

Dallas Cowboys: Is it possible to still call Cowboys fans front-running bandwagon fans considering the Cowboys have been a punchline for most of the past 20 years?

Detroit Lions: So hiring Jim Caldwell wasn’t some kind of offseason prank?

Green Bay Packers: Will any pictures of Eddie Lacy report to camp fat?

Minnesota Vikings: Can Matt Cassel loosen up opposing defenses enough to allow Adrian Peterson to post good fantasy numbers?

New Orleans Saints: Now that Jimmy Graham’s position is official, is it time to determine if Rob Ryan is more defensive coordinator or large, ridiculous mascot?

New York Giants: Can the Giants convince Eli Manning to wear a shaded visor to save teammates from having to see his demoralizing Eli Faces?

Philadelphia Eagles: Will the Eagles link all the players they cut to gang activity?

San Francisco 49ers: What if when Colin Kaepernick wears his hat with the brim forward, he’s just wearing it at a 360-degree angle?

St. Louis Rams: What non-gay-teammate-related distractions were to blame for the Rams going 29-82-1 over the past seven seasons?

Seattle Seahawks: Will Russell Wilson have to miss any games this year to Skype with the kids he works with?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Will the Buccaneers new uniforms be enough to distract everyone for awhile from their general shittiness?

Washington Redskins: Can RG3 develop a Twitter hashtag motivational enough to see his team reach its potential of 7-9?

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