The Biggest Training Camp Questions for All 32 NFL Teams


bronccampBaltimore Ravens: Were the Ravens players able to stay in shape during their offseason prison stints?

Buffalo Bills: How quickly will Sammy Watkins’ immense talent be completely consumed and destroyed by all the failure around him?

Cincinnati Bengals: Can Andy Dalton make it through camp again this year without being hospitalized for severe sunburn?

Cleveland Browns: What if Johnny Manziel gets so drunk one night he hooks up with a guy, thereby becoming a potential locker room distraction?

Denver Broncos: Doesn’t this seem like a lot of work just to see Peyton Manning blow a playoff game six months from now?

Houston Texans: How far into camp will the Texans realize they forgot to acquire an NFL quarterback this offseason?

Indianapolis Colts: Can Trent Richardson run for more than 3 yards per carry in offensive drills without an opposing defense?

Jacksonville Jaguars: Can Toby Gerhart put up decent enough numbers for people to justify voting him onto the next Madden cover like that one white running back on the Browns a few years ago?

Kansas City Chiefs: There are no questions for the Chiefs. They are a flawless team.

Miami Dolphins: Does Ryan Tannehill, a former Texas A&M quarterback, have any cool stories about Johnny Manziel?

New England Patriots: Will the Patriots defense complain that Tom Brady knows their playbook?

New York Jets: Will the Jets be mediocre enough this year for Rex Ryan to make an insane Super Bowl prediction?

Oakland Raiders: If the Raiders truly consider Matt Schaub to be an improvement at quarterback, isn’t it maybe time for the NFL to consider contracting the franchise?

Pittsburgh Steelers: Will Maurkice Pouncey follow up his contract extension with some murdering in honor of the style made famous by his bestie Aaron Hernandez?

San Diego Chargers: Will the Chargers offense suffer when Philip Rivers has to leave camp for the birth of child No. 11? And then a few days later for child No. 12? And then again for children Nos. 13-16?

Tennessee Titans: Can anyone name a player on the Titans?

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