Roger Goodell’s Wife Too Scared to Tell Him She Thinks He Went Easy on Ray Rice

SkinnerAndGoodellJane Skinner, the former FOX News host and current wife of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has told friends she is angry over the two-game suspension her husband handed down to Ravens running back Ray Rice for knocking out his fiancee, but doesn’t feel its wise for her to speak up about it.

“If Roger thinks knocking a woman out and dragging her through a casino is only worth two games, who’s to say he won’t knock Jane out for questioning his decisions?” said a friend of Skinner’s. “Jane doesn’t want to be hit. No one does.”

Goodell and the NFL have faced heavy criticism in light of the commissioner’s punishment of Rice in comparison to penalties he’s given to other player for non-violent incidents.

“Jane was furious when she heard about it,” said a neighbor. “But what can she really do? Roger clearly doesn’t think violence towards women is a big thing, and in the privacy of their home, nothing would be caught on camera like with Rice at that casino. Plus, Goodell’s NFL has tried to crush and discredit anyone who opposes them. Jane is living with a monster. So she ultimately decided it was smartest to just go about things normally, and have the house clean, her pearls on and Roger’s dinner hot and ready when he got home from work.”

Despite her unwillingness to confront her husband about his laissez faire attitude towards beating women, Skinner hasn’t taken a completely passive approach with him.

“She told me this after a few chardonnays at a dinner party, so take that for what it’s worth,” said a former co-worker. “But she’s been putting pieces of her feces in lots of the food she makes for him. We all knew Roger was an asshole when we met him. Unfortunately, Jane didn’t fully realize that until after they got married.”

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