Reports: LeBron Waiting to Hear from Sources Where He’ll Sign

lebronAccording to multiple reports, NBA free agent superstar LeBron James will make his decision on where to play next based on the location sources say he will end up.

“It seems sources have a lot of information,” James said today. “Sources have been reporting things about me and what I’m thinking and doing that I didn’t even know about. I think it’s best I just let sources handle it from here on out.”

Sources say James actually said this, which further leads credence to sources.

“I don’t recall saying that last quote, but I’m going to have to defer to sources on this one,” said James. “Multiple sources are reporting that I did say that, while only me is reporting that I didn’t. Sources are the clear majority here.”

While James is leaving his future in the hands of sources, he is also keeping his eye on reports.

“Most of the reports are coming from sources, which makes me think they are valid,” said James. “You don’t want to pay any heed to a report that doesn’t come from sources.”

Sources close to James say they are sources.

“We are sources,” said the sources. “You can put that in your reports.”

James said he hopes sources put him in a city for good soon.

“Sources say this is getting a little tiring,” said James. “I can confirm what those sources are saying.”

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