Report: Eagles Worried DeSean Jackson Will Order a Training Camp Drive-By

desean-jackson-cripsMembers of the Philadelphia Eagles front office are reportedly growing increasingly concerned that former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson could order a shooting at their training camp facility.

“I don’t think I need to tell you about the prevalence of drive-by shootings,” said a high-ranking front office official. “I’ve heard about them on TV and I saw ‘Boyz n da Hood,’ I think it was called, when I was younger. They do those drive-by shootings all the time.”

In fact, many Eagles officials are starting to think it may have been unwise to cut ties with Jackson, considering his “known gang ties.”

“These are not the kind of people you want to have on your bad side,” said a front office staffer. “I heard about one rapper who was shot many times and is still is alive to rap. That’s terrifying. They can’t be defeated. We probably should have kept DeSean, despite him being a member of the Cricks.”

For his part, Jackson continues to maintain that he is not a member of the Crips or any gang, but that he does know some people involved in gangs due to the neighborhood he grew up in in Los Angeles.

But the Eagles are not taking any chances and have increased security around their training camp facility.

“We are not letting any cars into the facility that have hydraulics, which make all the rapper gang cars bounce around while they shoot, I think to make it harder to return fire against them,” said a team security official. “However, that has caused some problems. A van full of disabled children was turned away today because they had a hydraulic lift on the back of the vehicle. Better safe than sorry, though. Disabled people can be in gangs, too.”

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