Report: Desperate Cavs Willing to Include LeBron James in a Deal for Kevin Love

LBJ buckeyestatesportsThe Cavaliers have upped their offer to the Timberwolves in an attempt to acquire Kevin Love. Cleveland sees the star power forward as the missing piece in becoming a NBA title favorite. 

After an offering of No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins didn’t immediately pry Love from Minnesota, league sources confirm Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert told his front office to put LeBron James into the package.

“Gilbert has seen his team come so far from the depths of July 2010,” said a source. “He’s willing to do anything to get the team over the hump.”

But many feel parting with James, just a week ago seen as the franchise savior, and Wiggins is too high a price for Love.

“They’d basically be a slightly better version of the Timberwolves, with their whole team pretty much being Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving,” said an NBA scout. “A team like that probably gets the fifth or sixth seed in the East. I think Cavaliers fans were hoping for more than that.”

However, sources say the deal is far from being finalized.

“Minnesota believes that if they hold out for another day or two, Gilbert will throw in Kyrie Irving and Cleveland’s No. 1 overall pick next year for Love,” said an NBA general manager. “Then they’ll try to get Love back in exchange for that first round pick. I think they get it done. Bad deals like this tend to plague Cleveland.”

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