Nation Eagerly Anticipates the Release of Johnny Manziel’s 4th of July Weekend Party Photos

Johnny-Manziel-DrinkingWith the July 4th holiday weekend set to begin across the United States, most Americans say they are actually more excited for the end of the weekend, which will no doubt see the release of various social media photos and videos of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel celebrating the nation’s Independence.

“I bet he has a beer bottle in his hand or maybe even a glass of spirits,” said one red, white and blue clad American on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall.

“My hunch is that he will not only party, but party in the general vicinity of other famous people,” said a Korean War veteran at a community park in Peoria, Illinois.

“I wonder if there will be fireworks, sparklers or other combustible devices involved,” said U.S. President Barack Obama. “I think I can speak for all Americans in saying that we all eagerly await the images that will be shareable across social media platforms.”

Most typical July 4th celebrations around the country this year are expected to be reserved as people just wait for the Manziel pictures and videos to arrive via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Hundreds of cities and towns across the country have scaled back or completely cancelled parades and fireworks displays.

“It’s not worth the cost if people aren’t that interested,” said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. “I know my attention is on Johnny this year.”

ESPN has announced they have dedicated large chunks of programming on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to debate and discuss Manziel’s July 4th party photos, and what they say about his readiness to be a starting – and winning – quarterback in the NFL.

“We will also post tweets from other athletes reacting to Johnny Manziel’s party photos,” said Vince Doria, ESPN’s Director of News. “We want to be far-ranging in our coverage.”

Yet Manziel says he’s not even sure if he wants to go out this weekend.

“Honestly? I’m a little tired and right now I just feel like relaxing at home,” he said. “I might just have a friend tweet out a pic of me holding a can of beer in the yard. Hopefully that will be enough for everyone.”

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