Local Soccer Bar Back to Just Being an Irish Pub Again

soccerbarThe local bar that was a hotbed of World Cup activity in recent weeks appears now to be just the regular Irish pub it was before.

A glimpse through the window this afternoon showed just a few people at the bar, none of them wearing soccer jerseys. There was also a noticeable lack of chanting, singing or yelling, and none of the establishment’s six TVs were showing soccer.

“Soccer bar? No, this is an Irish pub,” said the bar’s owner. “Oh, right. I know what you’re referring to. Yeah, we had some people in here watching soccer last month. But I definitely wouldn’t say this is a soccer bar. Our business model and branding is 100-percent Irish pub. I have no interest in being one of those niche establishments.”

Yet during the World Cup, the bar put up signage promoting the venue as “Your Home for Soccer,” and also promoted soccer broadcasts on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Look, we’re not a soccer bar, okay?” said the bar owner, growing angry. “I don’t want that getting out and turning people away. Look. I just put NFL Network on that TV over there. Okay? Stop spreading that rumor.”

The owner then excused himself to put up a “NFL Sunday Ticket Here” sign in the front window.

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