FIFA 2014 World Cup Stars: Where Are They Now?


Mario  Goetze: Germany

Lionel Messi: Missing shots around the house

Cristiano Ronaldo: On a yacht and inside a supermodel

Neymar: At Nike headquarters helping design a stylish back brace that will hit stores by Fall

Luis Suarez: Finishing off the last delicious morsels of a tender Brazilian boy, but totally by accident

Tim Howard: filming a Subway commercial

Steven Gerrard: watching himself in a mirror in horror as he ages rapidly

James Rodriguez: trying to think of a polite way to tell LeBron James he doesn’t want to hang out with him in Cleveland

Clint Dempsey: at practice with the Seattle Sounders of the MLS, wistfully staring in the direction of Brazil

Julio Cesar: nowhere near a soccer ball

Jurgen Klinsmann: hungover in bed from celebrating Germany’s World Cup title

that crazy Mexico coach: running around and screaming about stuff in Mexico

Sepp Blatter: On a $300,000 vacation paid for by a Qatari oil baron

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