How Fantasy Baseball is Essentially a New Relationship





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Life is great!  You’ve gotten back into the game and it’s exhilarating.  You’re beginning to feel feelings you haven’t felt in a long time.  The future is bright and you’re excited about the long road ahead.

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You’re still in that blissful state, discovering one another.  You love all their newfound quirks and oddities.  You still can’t get enough of each other, spending countless hours a day checking in with your special mate.

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You might’ve moved past the infatuation phase, but things are still going well.  You’re comfortable with one another.  You know what to expect out of them.  You have a routine.  Sure, you don’t hang out quite as much as you once did, but that’s ok.

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Routines can be comforting, but they can become boring, fast.  You’re starting to cross that line.  You fantasize about adding a new person to the mix, but you know that’s ultimately not gonna fix things.

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Ugh.  This again.  Everything feels like a task.  Honestly, you’d rather just play video games or watch Netflix than spend time together.  And when you look into their eyes, that same spark you once saw is gone.  You both know it.  Your love is fading.

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Hell yeah.  See you later.  This one is WAY better looking.


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