ESPN’s Chris Broussard Reports His Gut Feeling is Having Second Thoughts

imageESPN NBA reporter Chris Broussard reported live on “SportsCenter” this morning that his gut feeling about where LeBron James will play basketball next is having second thoughts.

“I can exclusively report that my strong hunch is no longer a sure thing,” reported Broussard. “My gut feeling, based on absolutely no discussions with LeBron James or anyone associated with him, had LeBron announcing his decision to play in Cleveland at 1:14 p.m. via Vine. I am now being told by my gut that all of this is up in the air again. My hunches are a very fluid situation.”

Broussard then said he was getting new information in from his gut.

“Just a second … yeah. There’s nothing to report,” said Broussard. “From what I can tell, there will be no strong hunches from me either way at least until early evening. But again, that could change based on any number of factors, from me having to fill air time to just wanting to throw something up on Twitter that will get a lot of retweets.”

ESPN director of news Vince Doria says Broussard is the best gut feeling and hunch reporter in the business.

“Most reporters mine an extensive list of contacts from relationships they’ve built over years to report facts,” said Doria. “That isn’t the approach that Chris has. The contacts he does have mostly stopped returning his calls long ago. However, he has a very tight relationship with his gut, and provides us with many exclusives right from it. I can’t think of another reporter who knows Chris Broussard’s hunches better than Chris Broussard.”

After a brief report on Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, SportsCenter then rejoined Broussard, who reported live that he had a “64.5 percent hunch” that he has “no credibility.”

“In addition to my hunch, I actually have numerous sources throughout the NBA and in sports media who have confirmed this,” he said.