Today’s Reader Hot Takes


On Mexico blowing a late lead against Netherlands

to get eliminated from the World Cup …


“I bet Mexico was surprised to find out how much scoring there can be in soccer.” — Jackie N.

“The Dutch are a people who are prone to sneak attacks. Or maybe they’re not. I don’t know. I’m not really up on my racist stereotypes, unfortunately.” — Brad R.

“It was obvious Mexico wasn’t very good when they could only tie Brazil.” — Esther J.

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On the U.S. advancing at the World Cup …


“By leading the U.S. to a 1-0 loss to the Germans, German Jurgen Klinsmann became a great American.” — Landry T.

“Sorry, but I can’t get excited about a team losing. Except if it’s my favorite basketball team doing it for months in order to get a better draft pick.” — Wanda F.

“Whew! I’m sure the 16 remaining teams aren’t nearly as good as the Group of Death. Smooth sailing now.” — Shane T. 

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On the NBA Draft …


“This is when all that tanking pays off by possibly getting a guy who could maybe be good enough to contend for a championship in five years.” — Anton J.

“I bet there will be an early run on tall guys.” — Nancy R.

“Even though David Stern won’t be there, I hope he knows we all will still boo him in our hearts.” — Finn H.

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On Luis Suarez biting an opponent again …


“Being a cannibal seems like a bad way to try to distract everyone from the fact that he’s racist.” — Rachel M.

“The worst part of the incident is that Rick Reilly just retired, meaning we will have to go without a column full of teeth joke zingers about Luis Suarez.” — Dan J.

“Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, shame on me. Bite me three times, hey, please stop biting me.” — Tanner R.

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On Carmelo Anthony becoming a free agent …


“He could be the missing piece for a franchise looking to get over the hump and earn the 7th seed in the East.”Jim S.

“He’ll have to go to whichever city has the best VJ-ing opportunities for La La. Her career pays the bills.”Sameer L.

“I can’t believe he’s not 100-percent sold on Phil Jackson after the acquisition of Lamar Odom.”— Tina P.

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On Portugal scoring a late goal to draw with the U.S. …


“What a disaster. I had already mailed out my ‘We’re going to the knockout round of the World Cup’ announcements.” Brittany Z.

“It was pretty obvious that was going to happen when Ronaldo shaved the flight of his crossing pass into his hair before the match.” — Lenn R.

“That was horrible. It’s getting harder and harder for me to tell people that soccer isn’t exciting.” — Ryan C.

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On England falling to 0-2-0 at the World Cup …


“Wayne Rooney finally scores a World Cup goal and all the English fans do is complain about lossing. What a miserable people.” — Joel N.

“England and Spain should play a bunch of friendlies for the rest of the month to fill their free time. What a treat it would be to watch two great football powers go at it!” — David D.

“At least when David Beckham was on the team their crushing defeats were hot.” — Samantha J.

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On Clayton Kershaw pitching a no-hitter against the Rockies …


“The real challenge in sports is going back-to-back. We’ll see what he has in five days.” Talia R.

“Clayton Kershaw pitching against the Rockies sounds like bullying to me. I’m not going to celebrate that.” — Denny C.

“Maybe if the Dodgers didn’t dump $215 million into Kershaw, they could afford a shortstop who doesn’t make errors to blow perfect games.”  — Monte W.

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On the Royals winning 9 games in a row

to move into 1st place in the AL Central …


“I always knew their young core of Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran would produce a winner.” — Eric A.

“I bet they were inspired to achieve thanks to being so close to Cardinals fans.” — Ben W.

“Lorde is such a goddam bandwagon fan.” — Heather T.

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On the U.S. winning its opening match at the World Cup …


“What an awesome late goal by that guy who isn’t Clint Dempsey!” — Mike P.

“I’m going to give me Ghanian friends so much crap today at work.” — Rochelle M.

“It’s so great to stick it to all the haters, such as U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann.” — Lance L.

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On the Spurs winning the NBA Finals …


“What an amazing team. I hope we soon bury that simple fact under a mountain of debate about their exact place in history.” — Vlad O.

“Just imagine what Gregg Popovich could do with real talent like LeBron, Wade and Bosh.” — Meghan D.

“Don’t be surprised if other teams try to copy their model of having lots of good, smart players who contribute both offensively and defensively.” — Marisol K. 

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