Idiot in Line Buying Conference Champion Apparel

Some moron in line over there has a bunch of conference championship t-shirts and hats, and is apparently prepared to spend more than $100 for stuff only an idiot would ever purchase.

“Whoa. This is amazing. I didn’t know people actually bought that stuff,” one witness just stated. “I can’t imagine throwing money away like that.”

A glance at the rack and shelf where the conference championship gear is displayed suggests this moron isn’t the first person to purchase the stuff either.

“No, we’ve been selling a lot. In fact, it’s hard to keep them in stock, believe it or not,” said a store worker, shrugging. “I have no idea why anyone wants this stuff. If you win the real championship, you’ll want that apparel. And if you lose, wearing the conference title stuff is just embarrassing. But, hey, we’re not going to turn down their money. Idiots make the economy go, you know?”

While standing in line, the dolt was on his cellphone telling someone: “Yeah, they still had some in stock. I got you a gray t-shirt. Yeah, Large. I think you’ll like it,” suggesting that the purchases weren’t being made ironically or as prank gifts.

“There’s still one more round to go,” a fellow customer in line told the idiot.

“Yep,” he said, still not grasping his stupidity.

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