Heat Motivated to Win Another Title for LeBron’s Legacy

lebron-jamesThe Miami Heat say to a man that they are primed and ready to win another NBA title, which would be the team’s third in a row, to bolster the legacy of LeBron James. 

“LeBron’s legacy is pretty much all I think about,” said Dwyane Wade. “Frankly, it’s why I play the game. I have been blessed with the opportunity in this game to help form LeBron James’ eternal legacy and I take that very seriously.”

If James fails to win a third consecutive title, his legacy could forever be that of a player who was great, but not great enough to win three consecutive titles.

“It’s the first and last thing I mention at practice every day,” said Erik Spoelstra. “Legacy, legacy, legacy, legacy. LeBron’s legacy, to be precise. This could be our best chance ever to secure LeBron’s legacy. At least until next year when his legacy would be on the line going for a fourth title in a row.”

James says his teammates’ dedication to his legacy is what makes them special.

“A lot of guys would play because they want to win a title for themselves or for the team,” he said. “But my teammates know there is much more on the line here. Two titles were nice, but it’s legacy time. And my legacy won’t be secured until I match Jordan’s six titles, and then beat his six titles. And then after that match Bill Russell’s 11 titles and then beat his 11 titles. Anything short of that and my legacy is one of failure. My teammates know that. And they don’t want to be a part of failure.”

The Heat will face the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals, who will be playing for Tim Duncan’s legacy.

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