“Game of Thrones” and Its World Cup Equivalents

Jaime Lannister = soccer players


Jaime Lannister doesn’t have a hand. Soccer players aren’t allowed to use their hands. It’s not an exact parallel, but probably close enough for an article like this. Ooooh! And Jaime Lannister is kind of a pretty boy, just like some soccer players are. Yeah, this is matching up pretty well, actually.

The Unsullied = England


The Unsullied are a bunch of guys without testicles.


Eddard Stark = Landon Donovan


They’re guys who were killed off earlier than a lot of people expected. And the Stark guy always said “Winter is coming” and I think Donovan played in that one soccer game last year with all the snow? If he did, that would really help this equivalency.

Tyrion Lannister = World Cup trophy


They’re both small? And popular?

Whoever ends up being the main king (or queen) = Sepp Blatter


It can be assumed that at some point someone (or some thing? Dragons?) will win the “Game of Thrones.” Sepp Blatter is the President of FIFA, so he’s sort of in charge of that like a king.

Game of Thrones = World Cup


They both have lots of people with different-sounding names. And they both can be kind of confusing to understand sometimes. But, most of all, they’re both really popular things right now that people are talking about, making them both ripe for Internet content.

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