Doug McDermott Distances Himself from Larry Bird Comparisons: “Larry Bird is extremely ugly”

mcDermottBirdFormer Creighton star Doug McDermott has drawn plenty of comparisons to former Indiana State and Boston Celtics star Larry Bird. McDermott even posed last season for a Sports Illustrated cover photo that was an exact replica of a SI cover Bird appeared on in 1977. 

But McDermott, who is expected to go early in next week’s NBA Draft, sought to distance himself from Bird today.

“There is only one Larry Bird,” said McDermott. “I’m just going to try to be me and achieve my potential. I don’t think it’s fair to compare me, or anyone really, to Larry Bird. He was, and is, perhaps the ugliest human being ever made. No disrespect, but he’s horrid. I don’t work as a runway model or anything, but I really don’t think I deserve to be compared to Mr. Bird. It’s honestly hard for me to look at him without getting nauseous. I know I’m not alone on this.”

McDermott was told that the comparisons he is drawing to Bird are mainly due to his skills, size, college background and skin color.

“I know that, but it doesn’t change how degrading it is to be compared to Larry Bird,” he said. “Think about it: a pile of feces is solid matter that contains carbon. If I said to you: ‘Hey, you remind me of that pile of feces over there,’ you would get upset, even if I explained it’s simply because you’re both solid matter that contains carbon. Right? You can dress Larry Bird up all you want, he still looks like a pile of feces.”

Bird was asked to respond to McDermott’s opinion on his appearance, but only a shrill squawking noise came from his beak face. He then shuffled away to eat a pile of carrion rotting in the corner of his office.

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