Celebrating Spurs Fans Mob Downtown to Clean Streets, Check on Well-Being of Fellow Citizens

sidewalk-spurs-game-4-nba-finals-2014_credit-scott-ballMoments after the San Antonio Spurs won the fifth title in franchise history Sunday night, fans began to fill the downtown streets to celebrate and volunteer in the community. 

“Wooooooo! We’re the best in the world!” said Spurs fan Gilda Sanchez, while picking up some trash that had spilled out of a waste receptacle and putting it back inside. “It’s so exciting to celebrate in a manner befitting our champions! Excuse me. My voice got a little loud there for a second.”

More than 500 Spurs fans overran a downtown homeless shelter to donate canned goods, while several hundred more were nearby putting fresh coats of paint on storefronts. Video of the celebrations shows dozens of fans converging on police cars to hand-wash and wax them.

“Just a good group of fundamentally-sound fans,” said San Antonio police chief William McManus. “Almost too good. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of these apple pie and cookies they baked me.”

After about 90 minutes of celebrating and serving the community, Spurs fans were joined in the street by Spurs players and they all together stormed the streets of the city getting cats out of trees and helping old folks across the street.

“I’m glad the series is over,” said Tim Duncan. “Being out here with the people, doing wholesome things — this is the kind of stuff I really love.”

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