Adam Silver Arrives at Work to Find Jason Kidd Sitting at His Desk

KiddSilverNBA commissioner Adam Silver arrived at his office for work this morning only to find Jason Kidd sitting at his desk and using the phone.

“Hey. Hi, there, Jason. What are … what are you doing?” a clearly bewildered Silver said upon seeing Kidd in his chair.

“Excuse me a minute. Some guy is in my office,” Kidd said to the person on the other end of the line before looking up to address Silver. “Hi, there. I’m pretty busy on important NBA commissioner duties. I can’t just have people barging in here, okay? If you’d like to schedule a meeting, my secretary outside can help you out.”

Then Kidd turned his attention back to the phone: “Okay, now where were we?”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. What is happening?” said Silver, who then slowly left the office to talk to his secretary and see if Kidd was up to some kind of a prank. The former point guard and Nets coach then got up from the desk and locked the door of the office.

Silver soon learned that Kidd’s presence was just his latest power move in an attempt to gain greater control in the NBA beyond coaching.

“It’s essentially a coup,” said Silver, working out of a small cubicle near the 6th floor bathroom at NBA headquarters. “My secretary says he showed up at 7:15 this morning and said: ‘Early bird gets the worm. I’m the commissioner now.'”

Kidd, who attempted to take control of the day-to-day operations of the Nets before being rebuffed, says he will succeed this time.

“My mistake before was not going big enough,” he said. “Who wants to run the Nets when you can run the whole damn league?”

Silver is fighting back, however: “I am issuing a statement saying Jason Kidd is being banned from the NBA, just as I banned Donald Sterling.”

But Kidd says he will not abide by that order.

“I fired Adam Silver at 7:16 a.m. this morning,” said Kidd. “It was my first official act as commissioner.”

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