8 Jordans That LeBron is DEFINITELY Better Than



While critically acclaimed, the TV crime/drama series “Crossing Jordan” lasted only SIX seasons while LeBron is about to complete his ELEVENTH.  Talk about longevity.  And how many Nike commercials has Crossing Jordan appeared in?  LOL, yeah that’s what I thought.  Considerably less.


Cameron Jordan and Jordan Cameron are palindromic Pro Bowl NFL players for the Saints and Browns, respectively.  While they’re both talented athletes, neither has won a professional championship, while LeBron has won MULTIPLE.  And, plus, there’s no James LeBron in the NBA making a mockery of HIS name.


The country of Jordan is an Arab Kingdom located in the western part of Asia.  And what’s LeBron’s nickname?  What James?  King.  King James.  Kings rule kingdoms.  It’s simple math, people.


While ‘Jordan’ might be considered the most difficult song to play in Guitar Hero II, many consider LeBron to be the most difficult player to match up against in the NBA.  And professional basketball is way more difficult than pretend guitar.  Point LeBron.

JordansSince entering the league, no NBA player with the first name of Jordan has ever outscored LeBron in a head-to-head matchup.  Look it up.  Because God knows I’m not gonna.  I don’t have time to fact check, I’m too busy watching an 11-year-long highlight reel called LeBron James’ CAREER.  And “House of Cards.”  Both of those things.


Montell Jordan is an R&B singer responsible for the 1995 classic “This Is How We Do It.”  True, that song is so catchy, you probably couldn’t help but start singing it in your head, either.  But the fact remains, LeBron is building a legacy that should be FAR more memorable.  …Or at least equally as memorable.


Jordan almonds are a petty snack while LeBron is an NBA FINALS MVP.  Get that trash outta here.  LeBron would EAT these Jordans for BREAKFAST.  And quite possibly does.


Well, 7 out of 8 aint bad.  But stick to the almonds, Peppermint Bron Bron.

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