Today’s Reader Hot Takes

On Aaron Hernandez getting charged with a double murder …


“Imagine how good he would have been at football if he spent his free time training instead of murdering.” — Marcel T.

“I just hope a serial killer and a years-long cheating scandal that coincided with the only Super Bowl titles in franchise history don’t cause people to forget that the Patriots are above reproach.” — Katie M.

“This is just more proof that the police and prosecutors are jealous of how good the Patriots are and are trying to take them down.” — Donnie M.

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On the No. 1 overall seed Bruins

getting eliminated in the 2nd Round …


“I just don’t think my new 54-19-9 shirt is as funny as my 18-1 one.” — Steve L.

“Bad news for Boston-area golfers. Milan Lucic will now be using his golf clubs to hit people in the crotch.” — Jon T. 

“At least they’ll all get to drink Champagne out of the Presidents’ Trophy.” Steph J.

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On the Penguins getting eliminated in the 2nd Round …


“I thought Dan Bylsma peaked during the Olympics. His Penguins collapse wasn’t nearly as impressive.” — Shonda B.

“It’s hard to beat a hot goalie in the playoffs. And Henrik Lundqvist is a total smoke show.” —  Glen J. 

“Time to put Sidney Crosby in the category with Freddy Adu and Michelle Wie as phenoms who just didn’t pan out.” Heath N.

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On Donald Sterling’s interview with Anderson Cooper …


“I was disappointed that they didn’t talk about whether Chris Paul was the best option on Kevin Durant moving ahead in the series.” – Stephen W.

“Whoa. Magic Johnson has HIV?” Ted L.

“I think he said everything that needed to be said in that he’s clearly an insane person and we shouldn’t take a team from someone just because they suffer from mental illness.” – Maura T.

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On Manchester City winning the English Premier League title …


“Actually, they won the Barclays Premier League title. Please show respect for corporate sponsorship.” — Keith M.

“What place did West Tootswich Upon Hamstead finish?” — Tom T.

“They haven’t beaten the Seattle Sounders, so sorry if I’m not all that impressed.” — Melissa J.

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On the 1st Round of the NFL Draft …


“I thought all the teams who drafted players I had heard of before did pretty well.” — Grant T.

“It was probably the best 1st Round the Redskins have had in quite some time.” — Leon F.

“It takes time to properly judge a draft. We won’t really know who did well until after Week 1.” — Sandy W.

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On NFL Draft day … 


“I have a lot of strong opinions on who is good based entirely off of reading and listening to supposed experts who mainly just pull stuff out of their ass to justify their employment.” — Len L.

“They’re still doing this even though the Draft Day movie bombed? Wow. Hollywood blows so much money on promotion.” — Russell T.

“I hope this is the year one of the players shivs Roger Goodell on the stage.” — Charlotte J.

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On Kevin Durant winning NBA MVP …


“So it’s decided. He’s better than LeBron. But is he better than JORDAN?” — Marc T.

“I think Larry Sanders should have gotten it for helping the Bucks achieve their goal of being the worst team. He was incredibly valuable in making that happen.” — Molly T.

“Oh, no. Am I bound by law to chant ‘M-V-P! M-V-P!’ every time he touches the ball now? I just want to watch the game.” — Lee A. 

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On Troy Tulowitzki hitting .409 with 9 HR and 29 RBI …


“It’s a pretty big jerk move for a shortstop to show up Derek Jeter like this in his final year, if you ask me.” — Lenny F.

“At this pace, his inevitable injury is going to be even more disappointing for the Rockies than it normally is.” — Sarah T.

“Come on. Everyone knows those numbers are inflated by Denver’s thin air and also him being really good at baseball.” — Heather S.

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On the 2nd Round of the NBA Playoffs …


“Poor Roy Hibbert. Another round of national humiliation.” — Pat N.

“Now the stakes are even higher. Look for Joey Crawford to really step up and impact the games.” — Neesha P.

“Donald Sterling’s racism inspired the Clippers to make it this far. His methods may not be traditional, but being different is a sign of the great ones.” — Marsha T.

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On the Kentucky Derby …


“Thanks for asking me! I forgot this is the week I’m supposed to care about horse racing.” — Roger T.

“My buddy’s cousin has a sister whose co-worker is from in Lexington who knows a guy who’s dad is pretty close into horse racing and says a sure bet to win is … crap. I can’t remember who he said.” — Mike L.

“Fancy hats, flowers, tiny people whipping animals. I love sports!” — Maura W. 

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On Jameis Winston shoplifting crab legs and crawfish …


“I’m just glad to see he’s shoplifting healthy food. Too many young people today only shoplift snack food. He is a great example to all the young thieves out there.” — Dale T.

“Clearly Florida State isn’t paying him if he has to steal food. Take THAT, everyone who says the Seminoles cheat!” — Cindy Mae L.

“Where did he get the idea that he could just take something that isn’t his and get away with it?” — Brenda T.

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