Today’s Reader Hot Takes


On the New York Rangers advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals …


“Phil Jackson is already working his magic at Madison Square Garden.” — Vince L.

“I’m not a Rangers fan, but it would be awesome if we get to see them carry Martin St. Louis around inside the bowl of the Stanley Cup.” — Phil M.

“Henrik Lundqvist has to be pumped that all this exposure could really jumpstart his guitar career.” — Sheila F.

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On Tiger Woods missing the US Open …


“He’s missed the Masters and now the US Open. I think he has a shot at getting the injury Grand Slam.” — Dustin L.

“I should have known this was going to happen when Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 came out and it was just a back rehab game.” — Diane R.

“He just needs to adjust his swing so he doesn’t use his back. He’s just being lazy.” — Glenallen T.

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On Russell Westbrook scoring 40 points to

tie the Western Conference Finals at 2-2 …


“Your point guard scoring 40 points isn’t going to win big games. Well, other than this one.” — Chad F.

“What choice did he have? He has to play that well to compensate for his wardrobe.” – Cassidy J.

“Big deal. I remember hearing that the Spurs were washed up years ago. Way to light up a bunch of pathetic old men.” — Rolf T.

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On the Red Sox breaking their 10-game losing streak …


“What is the current state of their facial hair? They should keep it like that. It’s probably the reason they won.” — Syl F.

“The Red Sox completely sucking is a great retirement gift for Derek Jeter. You can’t say the Red Sox aren’t classy.” — Pam A.

“What heartache their fans must have endured these last 10 games. I can’t wait to read the many books published about this difficult era by Boston writers.” — Dave G.

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On Landon Donovan not making the U.S. World Cup roster …


“It’s obvious now that Jurgen Klinsmann wants Germany to win the group. He’s a true patriot.” — Matthew N.

“The team will be fine as long as Freddy Adu plays to his potential.” — Pete L.

“Good for him. For all that he’s done for American soccer, he deserves to be spared from the drubbing that awaits in Brazil.” — Melinda P.

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On Oklahoma City losing by 35 points to the Spurs

to fall down 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals …


“Scott Brooks should probably buy some new glasses frames before he gets fired and loses his vision coverage.” — Leon P.

“It’s obvious now that Serge Ibaka is the best player in the NBA, which means that LeBron is overrated.” — Neil B.

“I bet Kevin Durant’s mom wishes she was Tim Duncan’s mom.” — Keisha K.

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On Cleveland winning the NBA Draft Lottery …


“LeBron, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennett. If their current rate of diminishing returns with No. 1 overall picks continues, they’ll draft a ham sandwich.” — Philip L.

“They should probably start putting up banners for every time they win the draft lottery.” — Pam D.

“Good for them. This will help them cope with getting spurned again by LeBron in free agency.” — Gary F.

– – – – –

On 11 year-old Lucy Li qualifying for the women’s U.S. Open …


“Well, she can play in U.S. Open if she cleans her room first.” — Sandra L.

“I doubt an 11 year-old can handle the brutal hazing that goes on in an LPGA locker room.” — Keith T.

“I hope this doesn’t cause her to quit school to play professional golf. It’s very important to complete 5th grade.” — Doug E.   

– – – – –

On the NBA Conference Finals …


“Heat, Pacers, Spurs, Thunder. Pretty predictable that four NBA teams made it.” — Jared T.

“It’s exciting because if the Pacers don’t win, we can say they’re not an elite team. If the Thunder don’t, we can say Durant can’t win a ring. If the Spurs don’t, we can say they’re washed up. And if the Heat don’t, we can say LeBron isn’t Jordan. Win, win, win, win.” — Sal M.

“More important: Which officials made the conference finals?” — Amy F.

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