Sources: Your Favorite NFL Team to Draft Between 5 and 12 of Some 500 Prospects

011314-underclassmen-cpAccording to sources in your favorite NFL team’s front office, the team has narrowed its pool of draft prospects down to just 500 players and will most definitely select between five and 12 of them in the upcoming draft.

“I don’t want to tip our hand too much, but I can confirm this,” said a front office source. “Any number of scenarios could still take place, but I’m confident saying that we will select a certain number of those 500.” 

The sources also say your favorite team could end up with more picks than it currently has to do a trade or trades. Another source says it could also ends up with fewer picks. Both confirmed, however, that it will keep at least “a few” picks. And with those picks, players from among the list of 500 will be taken.

Despite repeatedly being asked, the sources would not confirm any of the names on the list of 500, saying only that “there are some big names guys” and “some guys who are a little off-the-radar who might be options late in the draft.”

The information gives new insight into your favorite team’s plans, but it is still a very fluid situation considering the dealings and picks of the other 31 NFL teams will impact all of their moves.

“To be honest,” said a front office source, “and I’m not really sure I should be saying this: but we really have no idea what we’re going to do because we have no way to control what everyone else is going to do. But if you could write that we’re looking to trade up higher into the 2nd Round, I’d really appreciate it because that might make people think I’m doing whatever people think GMs are supposed to be do.”

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