Report: Johnny Manziel Considering Becoming an NFL Bust in Ultimate Troll Move

hi-res-187503623-johnny-manziel-of-the-texas-a-m-aggies-waits-near-the_crop_northJohnny Manziel was a quarterbacking force in his two seasons on the field at Texas A&M. His stock only rose higher in March when he aced his pro day performance.

But as the NFL Draft arrives, those close to the Heisman winner say he is seriously contemplating becoming an NFL draft bust to take his troll game to the highest level.

“Johnny loves football and he is the most competitive person I’ve ever met,” said a friend. “At the same time, he loves nothing more than making people look stupid. He has definitely entertained the idea of signing a huge, multimillion dollar contract, having a team think they’ve found their savior and face of the franchise, and then playing the worst quarterback anyone has ever seen in the NFL. He thinks it would be hilarious.”

A family relative confirms Manziel is contemplating what kind of pro career to have.

“He was talking the other night about how funny it would be to take his first snap in the NFL, drop back, throw the ball as high as he can straight up in the air, and then just walk off the field and never play again,” said the relative. “He laughed for a while thinking about that.”

At the same time, there are troll possibilities in being a successful NFL quarterback.

“When Johnny told me his decision to go pro,” said Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin, “he talked about how great it would be to win the Super Bowl and then say on camera that he’s going to Disney World to hook up with MILFs. No matter what he decides to do, I’m sure it will be very entertaining.”

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