Pacers Hold Closed-Door Meeting, Repeatedly Close Door on Roy Hibbert’s Head

hibbertIndiana Pacers players held a closed-door meeting after their Game 1 playoff loss to the Wizards on Monday night, repeatedly slamming the door on Roy Hibbert’s head.

“I thought it was a very productive meeting,” said forward Paul George. “I think we got a lot of things out of our systems, and I think we’ll be a better team now,” he added, as Hibbert was wheeled by paramedics into an ambulance behind him. 

The struggling Pacers center — who had no points, no rebounds and five fouls in Game 1 — originally wasn’t invited to the locker room meeting, but when he walked through the door, several teammates tackled him and then began repeatedly and brutally slamming the door on his head.

“We were just trying to close the door, and Roy’s head got in the way,” said guard Lance Stephenson. “I don’t see how it’s our fault. If he was more mobile, he could have moved out of danger. I see what happened as a teaching moment for him. ”

Thanks to injuries sustained in the accident/attack, Hibbert is expected to miss the remainder of the season.

“We all wish Roy the best in his recovery,” said guard George Hill. “In fact, we told him to take the rest of the year off, even if he feels better. I’m not sure if he heard us, though. I think he was unconscious by that part.”

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