NBA Apologizes for Tonight’s Officiating Mistake(s)

wpid-96350482-19446_display_imageThe NBA released a statement this afternoon acknowledging the officiating problems in the games that will be played tonight. 

“The call or calls were not made correctly late in the game(s),” read a statement issued by Rod Thorn, the league’s president of basketball operations. “Mistakes were made and they greatly impacted the outcome of the game(s) and for that the NBA apologizes. We will strive to do better.”

While accepting blame, the league also stressed that the officials didn’t get everything wrong in tonight’s game(s).

“That foul where the player hit another player on the arm as he was shooting was most definitely a foul,” read the statement. “Basketball is a very fast game and, some mistakes aside, the NBA has the best officials in sports.”

It is not known which team(s) will be awarded victory thanks to tonight’s officiating mistake(s), but NBA commissioner Adam Silver bristled at suggestions the more marketable teams will be aided.

“That’s a ridiculous allegation,” said Silver. “All completely accidental blown calls are made to create 7-game series. Only then does team marketability come into play.”

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