Nation Disgusted That a Late 7th-Round Draft Pick Could be Loved

sam2Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam touched off a flood of outrage after he was taken with the 249th pick on the 7th Round of the NFL Draft on Saturday night and kissed his boyfriend. The criticism has yet to subside.

“Yuck. How could someone kiss a 7th rounder,” wrote one NFL fan on Twitter. “He probably won’t even make the team. #DontKissScrubs”

That sentiment was echoed by tens of thousands of others on social media.

“It makes me sick to think about kissing a practice squad player,” read one tweet. “I’d never make out with anyone picked later than the third round.”

“I bet a player this sucky doesn’t even know how to kiss right,” read another. “Embarrassing day for America. Pathetic.”

“I’m glad my 8 year-old son didn’t see this,” posted another Twitter user. “I want him to strive for greatness. What’s the point if even backups can be loved?”

Yet even with all of the negative backlash, there were words of support for Sam.

“We’ve come a long way in America,” a post read. “Wasn’t long ago that a 7th rounder couldn’t even get someone to hold their hand, let alone kiss them on national TV. #progress”

Sam said he is overjoyed to be drafted in the NFL and to have someone to share his moment with.

“I’m a marginal talent. A tweener,” he said. “It took me a long time to admit that. I’m just blessed to find someone who loves me even though I have almost no chance of ever making the Pro Bowl.”

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