Harbaugh Applauds 49ers’ Renewed Commitment to Off-Season “Not Getting Arrested” Program

usatsi_7757462_221200_lowresBefore the off-season, most NFL teams meet individually with players to outline customized workout and diet programs. This year, the San Francisco 49ers had an added component.

At a press conference today, head coach of the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh talked about the off-season and the special program he put in place.

“We met with the guys in January, and let them know that they should stay in shape and also shouldn’t get arrested,” said the coach. “We put a real emphasis on that last part. And while the first few months of the off-season were rough. I think we turned the corner.”

Signs saying, “No handcuffs this off season” and “Don’t kill anyone before August” hang prominently throughout the 49ers training complex. The team also installed a digital sign in front of the complex that reads, “It’s been 8 days since our last arrest.”

Harbaugh addressed the early problems.

“I admit, we’ve had some missteps with Aldon Smith yelling “bomb” at LAX, Chris Culliver running over a cyclist with his car and fleeing the scene, but not before threatening the cyclist with brass knuckles, and then Dan Kilgore’s problems with public intoxication.”

He continued: “But I’ve spoken to a few of the guys, and I think we’re back on track. I’ve always said our goal is to win championships. But now, we also want as many of our guys as possible to stay out of jail. Those goals go hand-in-hand.”

The press conference abruptly ended when Harbaugh received a phone call. “Sorry, I think this is from one of my players.”

He could then be heard saying, “Kaepernick? Really? Oh, you gotta be kidding me!” He then added: “Time to change the sign I guess.”

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