Grading Reader Grocery Drafts



This is a “win now” draft. There isn’t much here that’s going to last very long. This will address your hunger for a few hours and then you’ll need another trip to the store.

That said, getting mini carrots at No. 1 is a good pick. Very healthy. Same with bananas and milk. Getting dill dip at No. 2 is a question mark, however, especially because there are so many other kinds of dips available. Hard to know what the thinking was there.

All in all, it’s about as good as you can do for $10.14. Grade: B



This grocery draft is all over the place. It’s basically soda, chips, salad and French toast. None of these combine for an actual meal. What is he building here? Unless these were all areas of need, there’s not much to like. And taking a TV stand in the final round for $129.00? Huge reach in a grocery draft. Grade: D-



Yogurt might not seem flashy at No. 1, but you could do a lot worse. Picking up soda, pizza, cereal and then yogurt again late means you won’t have to address your grocery needs again immediately. Extra credit for bringing in a solid grocery class despite having to draft in a foreign country. Grade: B



Juice was clearly an item of need, and you went hard on it in the first three rounds. While you’ve fixed your juice shortage, you don’t want to go too heavy in one area. That said, you had a lot of picks in the draft and were able to address other areas later on, from steak to flour to strawberries and eggs. Saving money at the end with coupons really helped this draft stand out. Grade: A



Lots to like here. You spent big — nearly $200 — but it’s hard to imagine you didn’t come away filling many of your needs for the long-term. And with healthy choices, too. Grains, kale, meatballs, kale, avocados, kale, limes. Maybe went a little heavy on the kale, but that’s a very popular pick right now.

The middle of the draft is great. The first and last picks are the major problem. Tablecloths No. 1? And plastic cutlery at the end? Invest in a good table and real cutlery and you won’t have to address them in a grocery draft. Grade: B



Taking Fruit Roll-ups followed by a Motts product and Fruit By The Foot soon after suggests this draft was primarily for a child. Especially considering the heavy focus on yogurt late. It’s a solid draft for a child, but consider addressing all grocery needs in each draft to cut down on grocery needs throughout your organization. The MVP savings throughout bump this grade up a little bit. Grade: C+



Not great value on protein bars at No. 1. They could have been had cheaper elsewhere. Getting chicken breasts in the second-to-last round is a solid pick, but this grocery draft will be remembered for how the protein bars taste. Grade: C



Picked up everything here for a solid meal. Pasta, tomatoes, chicken. Even dessert in the final round. Assuming there is something to drink and a salad already on the roster, this draft met all the needs for just $30. Grade: A



Bold pick at No. 1 with Red Bull, especially considering you took Mountain Dew at No. 3. No matter what happens with this draft, you’re going to be up late thinking about it. The big savings in the late rounds on chicken parm, Italian sausage and orange chicken are impressive. Grade: B



The front office is going to take a lot of criticism for this draft. There simply isn’t much to work with here. Mountain Dew with the first two picks, followed by sauces, cereal, yogurt and milk. This isn’t a draft so much as things people leave in the refrigerator after checking out of a vacation house. Grade: F



Lots of depth here. There’s not a pick that will blow anyone away, but from Ramen noodles to Oreos to red, beans and rice, there’s plenty to eat here for just $34.41. Grade: B-



Almond milk at No. 1 overall is debatable. Lots of people hate it, but if it fits in your system, it’s a solid pick. The late picks on produce and herbs — limes, clementines, bananas and cilantro — give you a lot of items with a short shelf-life. You’ll have to use them quickly or they’ll be remembered as busts. Kitty litter is the Mr. Irrelevant of this draft. Grade: B+



This draft went exclusively to nut creams and meat. Not a traditional draft by any means, but sometimes going against conventional wisdom pays off. Grade: B


Grade: A+

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