7 Year-Olds On Seeing Michael Sam Kiss His Boyfriend During the NFL Draft


“Kissing is disgusting. When my parents do it I want to throw up.” Aaron

“My dog once ate cake out of my mouth like that. It was really funny.” Tyler

“My dad said that what they did was wrong. He said lots of the draft picks were wrong. My dad knows a lot about football. He says he knows more than that weird man on TV with the hair.” Alex

“That was bad because you should never touch someone else’s mouth because of germs.” Mason

“I thought it was great because my dad turned off that boring thing he was watching and put on SpongeBob.” Luke

“I’m glad my 4 year-old brother didn’t see that. He hates kissing even more than I do.” – Jameson

“I thought it was dumb. I played a video game with my older brother last night and the one guy punched off another guy’s head and there was blood everywhere. That was awesome.” Max

“Can we go to McDonald’s?” Matthew

“I wish one of those guys were my dad instead. My dad stinks. It was a Saturday and I wanted to play outside, but he just wanted to sit inside and watch a football draft.” Liam

“I didn’t notice anything until my dad started screaming and told me to look away. Now I can’t stop thinking about those two guys kissing.”Connor

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