5 Fictional Characters That Would Have Made Great Athletes

1. Kazaam


Sure, as a genie Kazaam could grant wishes. “I want an NBA title,” you could say, and it would be done. But even without those magical powers, Kazaam had to stand … what? 7-foot-1? And he looked muscular and agile, too. Kazaam could have made a nice career as an NBA center.

2. Det. Nordberg


While he didn’t exist beyond the world of “The Naked Gun” movies, Det. Nordberg exuded raw athletic ability. He was muscular and showed a willingness to continue through injury, once being knocked off the upper deck of a stadium while already in a wheelchair. That kind of toughness and athletic ability would have made for a great running back in real life.

3. Jesus Shuttlesworth


Tall, lithe and smooth with an amazing jumper. It’s too bad they don’t make real players like this. Jesus Shuttlesworth is the kind of player that would have a long and productive career with a number of title-contending teams.

4. Superman


What’s to even say. Superman can do pretty much any physical feat. He would dominate every sport known to man. His weakness is kryptonite? Not a problem. No sports have kryptonite. Unstoppable. Elite.

5. Dragons

gots3_featuredWhoa. Who would even take the field/court against a dragon? They’re huge and they fly and they breathe fire. A dragon’s team would win every game by forfeit.

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