2014 NFL Draft Grades: Written Before the Draft for Extra Timely Analysis!

nfldraft (1)17. Baltimore Ravens

The team had clear needs and I don’t see how they did enough to address them. A rare swing-and-miss on draft day by the Ravens. There’s little here that makes you think they’ll be back to being a Super Bowl contender any time soon. Grade: C-

18. New York Jets

Just a complete mess. There are times you get the sense that the Jets organization is adrift without a paddle, and this draft was most definitely one of them. Grade: D-

19. Miami Dolphins

After all the turmoil of the past year, the Dolphins needed a solid draft to put the organization on a firm standing. They did that here. Very good work. Grade: B+

20. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona just missed out on the playoffs last year and play in a very competitive division with the Seahawks and 49ers. They did nothing in this draft to make their division rivals fear them. Grade: C

21. Green Bay Packers

An impressive draft haul that lets several Pack vets know that their jobs are not secure. Exactly what the Packers needed to do in this draft. Grade: B+

22. Philadelphia Eagles

You expect a Chip Kelly team to bring in some exciting playmakers in a draft, but that didn’t happen enough here to my liking. If the Eagles are going to be a unique team in the NFL, they need to really go for it. This was too safe. Grade: C+

23. Kansas City Chiefs

The mid-round selection of quarterback shows the Chiefs may be grooming a replacement for Alex Smith. That’s a smart move, but there were quarterbacks available who are better fits for Andy Reid’s system. Grade: C

24. Cincinnati Bengals

A great mix of playmakers and solid core guys. The Bengals continue to improve at drafting. Grade: A

25. San Diego Chargers

While the Chargers definitely had some positions of need to address, they went about it the wrong way and bypassed far superior players to take need positions. They’ll regret may of these picks when they see the production from players they passed over. Grade: C-

26. Indianapolis Colts

Whatever good things the Colts did in this draft are overshadowed by the fact that they gave up their 1st Round pick for Trent Richardson. This is the Trent Richardson Draft. No way around that. Grade: F

27. New Orleans Saints

The Saints went too heavy into players with speed and athleticism. If this team wants to do damage in the playoffs, they needed more grinders and high motor types. Grade: C+

28. Carolina Panthers

They tried to get receivers to put around Cam Newton, but I think they reached. There were several more NFL-ready receivers they could have taken. Grade: D+

29. New England Patriots

It’s hard to dislike a New England Patriots draft. They moved around to pick up value and brought in some guys who fit their system well. Bill Belichick operates on a different level. Grade: A-

30. San Francisco 49ers

Was there enough here to help the 49ers leap over the Seahawks? I’m afraid not. But don’t overlook their 4th Round selection. It’s amazing he fell into San Francisco’s lap there. Look for him to be on the field this season. Grade: B

31. Denver Broncos

The Broncos tried to address their woeful defense and for the most part did that. The question is: Are these guys NFL-ready enough to help right away as Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl window continues to close? It looks to be too little, too late. Grade: B-

32. Seattle Seahawks

A solid draft considering they had to pick last. Drafts like this is how a Super Bowl champion stays a contender year after year. Grade: B

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