What Your Stadium Food Choice Says About You

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To them, nothing beats going to a ball game on a warm, summer day.  They enjoy the simple things in life and one of those simple things is a ballpark frank.  Heck, they’re even gonna order it from one of those walking vendors because that’s what ball games are all about!

Favorite restaurant: Applebee’s

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “Boy, what a beautiful day for a ballgame!”

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They’re all about tradition, but they’re also all about eating.  They’ll use the games 3 hour length as an excuse, but that won’t quite hold up when they’re ordering their 5th footlong.

Favorite restaurant: McDonalds

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “I’m going to the concessions. Anyone want anything?”

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Up until the age of puberty, there is nothing better in this world than cotton candy.  When they see those colorful sugar fluffs wandering their way, it’s a done deal.

Favorite restaurant: Chuck E. Cheese’s

Quote they’ll be overheard saying:“Can I get one, CAN I GET ONE!!?”

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While everyone else is splurging on unhealthy snacks, they choose peanuts.  The most simple and boring stadium food there is.  Way to not live it up.  And there’s no way they’re wearing any fun team-related gear.  It’s bland street clothes for them.

Favorite restaurant: They don’t eat out.  They like the grocery store.

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “I think I’m gonna head out early.  I want to beat the traffic.”

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Ah, the cheapskate.  They love sports and love supporting their team, but at 20 bucks a ticket, there’s no WAY they’re going to spend anything on food.  So inevitably, they’ll sneak in some food they had laying around their house.  And watch out, these guys are notorious moochers, so keep your food at bay.

Favorite restaurant: Their neighbor’s pantry.

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “It’s not even about the money, this is just way healthier.”

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Whenever a group gets together for a ball game, there’s always going to be a couple of people who have ZERO interest in the game.  They’ll have fun for a couple innings, then spend the rest of the game roaming around admiring the architecture and fun ‘shops.’  Around the 6th inning, they’ll come back to their seats holding a thing of sushi and somehow no shame.

Favorite restaurant: Whatever’s most contemporary.

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “Wait, which team’s which?”

– – – – –

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They are part of baseball’s 1%.  They wouldn’t be caught snacking on something that wasn’t freshly caught.  Maybe they’re friends with the owners, or maybe they’re just wealthy magnates looking to kill some time – either way, everyone hates them.

Favorite restaurant: This little cafe on 41st and 4th, it’s simply fabulous.

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “Stewart darling, would you please pass the lemon butter.”

– – – – –

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Every group has the friend who’s afraid of trying new things, and it’s no different at a ballgame.  Just as you’re wondering why a stadium would even OFFER Papa John’s pizza, this friend will walk up, pizza in mouth, asking ‘what up.’  Broaden your horizons, man.

Favorite restaurant: Papa John’s. Obviously. ‘Til they die.

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “NO, I don’t WANNA try any.”

– – – – –

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Baseball players’ snack of choice is still that sweet, sweet tobacco.  As much as 25% of all baseball players still chew the stuff, most likely to give them a nice buzz to take their minds off all those great concessions they’re missing out on.

Favorite restaurant: Gas stations

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: *spit noise*

– – – – –

unnamed (11)

Either they’ve ordered this monstrosity out of curiosity or ordered it half-jokingly, but the resulting fat build-up in their arteries is no laughing matter.  Enjoy the game, if you make can make it through.

Favorite restaurant: Hospital cafeterias

Quote they’ll be overheard saying: “H..Help!  HELP!  I’M NOT KIDDING!  CAN’T BREA-”

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