Scouts Concerned Over Reports Jadeveon Clowney Spends Nearly a Third of Every Day Just Laying in Bed

NFL: CombineConcerns that NFL Draft prospect Jadeveon Clowney may have a subpar work ethic cropped up again today due to reports that the former South Carolina Gamecock spends nearly a third of every day — and sometimes more — just laying in bed doing nothing.

“I talked to some people close to him, and they confirmed long periods of complete inaction from Clowney,” said a scout for an AFC South team. “He’ll just lay there for hours, often not moving from a single position. Obviously, that raises a lot of red flags as far as his work ethic and motor.” 

Clowney is universally regarded as the most talented player available in the NFL Draft, but some teams are worried about taking him due to concerns he doesn’t give 100-percent on the field. The dreaded L-word — lazy — has even been thrown around.

As far as the latest reports, Clowney said they are in reference to him sleeping, “which all people do. In fact, I’ve been really working hard to prepare for the season and for that very reason I need my rest.”

Even if so, the reports of Clowney sleeping don’t help his draft stock so close to the event.

“It’s not just that, it’s a lot of little things and sleeping plays into it,” said a GM for an NFC South team. “Fine. He says he needs to sleep. But what if we need him to get to the quarterback late in the game and make a play. Is he going to be asleep? When is he doing all this sleeping? It’s not nothing.”

Clowney also reportedly sits down frequently during an average day, sometimes right in the middle of the afternoon.

“I think that’s normal,” he said.

But do NFL teams want someone who is just “normal” at No. 1 overall? Maybe not.

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