15 Most Common Things Athletes Say When They “Exchange Words” Before a Fight

15. “I don’t like the cut of your jib!”

14. “I have half a mind to box you about the face!”

13. “You wear a different uniform that I do, which puts us at odds!” 

12. “While in another context we may be colleagues, today we are enemies!”

11. “You have caused this game to take a very bellicose turn!”

10. “I have tired of your shenanigans!”

9. “If your goal is fisticuffs, I shall engage you!”

8. “Know that I have hit a man before, and I dare say I am close to doing it again!”

7. “I will no longer permit such malarkey!”

6. “You have riled me to the point of engaging in violence!”

5. “Speak such words again and know that they will be met with aggression!”

4. “I advise you make a quick retreat or you may find yourself meeting an untimely demise!”

3. “Bite your tongue lest your words reap a regrettable harvest!”

2. “You shall rue the day of this encounter!”

1. “Fuck you, fucker!”

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